Causes of Tingling Hands Part 1

18 Jan

Hi there,  during the time my mothers friend had been suffering with an episode of tingling hands I’ve investigated in to a lot of information as to the possible causes of the tingling feeling people experience in their hand.  To my surprise there was more than a couple of causes of why I was suffering.  I’ve gone through the list and grouped them per blog.

The first cause is staying in the same position like sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time can be what triggers your hands to tingle.  This can occur when the weight of your body is pressing the limb on to another object like another body part or a chair.  This prolonged pressure squashes the nerves so that the impulses going through your neural pathway are affected.  This causes your body to inform you with a response of numbness, tingling or burning sensation in an area of your limb.  Tendency is that this wears off after a short while when you move your body position to relieve the built up pressure but if the effects are still there a few hours later then it might be worth looking in to through your doctor or physician.

You may have incurred an injury to the neck or the back.  If the sensation is down the arm this could suggest that it is a neck problem.  Or if the sensation is running down your leg then this could be a problem with your back.  The reason why the pain isn’t noticed in a local area in your neck or back problem is that you are experiencing what is known as referred pain.  The nerves are reacting to a problem in a different area of the body from where the root cause is.  This is because the neural pathway that runs away from the source of the damaged area responds further down the pathway and signals the problem further along the neural pathway towards the nerve end.  Hence the pain or tingling sensation has been referred to another part of the body where the nerve pathway tends to end.

Herniated discs in the spine are a classic example where a dysfunction in the body mechanics can cause a body object to compress against the nerve.  As seen in the previous two causes, nerves don’t like to be touched let alone compressed for a period of time.  A nerve conduction study test could pin point this out straight away so that your doctor can refer you to the ideal specialist, even if it’s a case of Physiotherapy treatment at least it will save you from going to one practitioner and then to the next until you find the right one.


When there is pressure exerted on the peripheral nerves this could be a sign of either a infection, tumor, scar tissue or an enlarged blood vessel.  The fact that a underlying tumor could be the cause of your tingling hands was a worry and something that I wanted to investigate as soon as possible.

Another cause for your hands to tingle is an early onset of shingles where a virus attacks your nerves in the body which has remained dormant since you’ve had chicken pox (if you’ve experienced chicken pox before)  herpes zoster infection is the more clinical name for this type of condition.

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