Causes of Tingling Hands Part 2

21 Jan

Hi there, just carrying on from my previous blog; I’ve made a quick piece on the possibilities that can cause the feeling of constant tingling in the hands.  The five causes that I’m looking in to could have been brought in to effect due to structural or physiological damages made to the body at one time or other.

One cause of making your hands tingle is atherosclerosis, this is a condition where hardening of the arteries occurs when fat, cholesterol, and other substance deposits build up in the walls of the arteries. These deposits are called plaques and over a period of time, these plaques can block the arteries.  This has an effect on causing your hands to tingle as it restricts the blood supply to the area causing this sensation to occur.

Frost bite is a condition where there is damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by extreme cold temperatures. This too has a restricting effect on the blood supply of the body area to cause a tingling, numbness or a burning sensation to occur.  Remember that this could be damage to the underlying tissue and/or on the surface our skin that has experienced frost bite, the frost bite could appear to have healed but the damage underneath could be causing continuing effects on our hands.  Another condition where a lack of blood supply can cause a physiological problem is vessel inflammation (vasculitis).

Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in your body is another trigger for your hands to experience a tingling sensation.  This is usually where your body is losing these vitamins and minerals either through passing urine or via a deficiency in your blood.  A nerve conduction test wouldn’t recognise this but a pathological blood test would.

Another cause would be certain medications that you might currently be using, once again if you’ve noticed any sensation such as tingling, numbness or burning then please consult your doctor immediately.

Over time excess amount of substances in to your body could lead to your nerve endings being damaged.  Substances such as lead, alcohol, tobacco and chemotherapy drugs can transpire this to happen.

Alcohol neuropathy is where an individual has damaged their autonomic nerves (those that regulate the internal body functions) and the nerves that control our movement and sensation.  This is caused through chronic alcohol abuse over a number of years.  It is likely to be caused by the nerve being poisoned by the alcohol or it has been the effect of poor nutrition which can occur due to alcoholism.

An excess of tobacco use can do the similar effect as alcohol neuropathy as the nerves in the body can be damaged due to consistent exposure of tobacco over a long period of time.  Usually the nerve pain and nerve damage is caused from peripheral neuropathy.  This is a disorder that occurs when nerves malfunction due to the damage they have received or that they have been destroyed from the excess toxicity from substances like alcohol and tobacco and other drugs that are used such as chemotherapy as an example.

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